“The Baccarelli Institute is my second home and I’ll never forget the time I spent there. I’m privileged to have been part of the history of this place that improved me, teaching me to persevere in my studies and become more confident and inspired.”

“I have been at the Baccarelli Institute for 9 years, half of my life, and I can say that I got my social and personal education there. Becoming a member of the Institute is to become a better person every day, to be constantly stimulated to make you want to dedicate yourself to your instrument and to strive to progressively improve. It is hard work for music, but more than that: it is an education for your heart. I want to become an excellent violinist and pass on everything I’ve learned at the Institute. I am very grateful to this institution, which has provided me not only a chance to study with incredible teachers, but also to become a dedicated and responsible person. I hope I can one day pay back everything that the institute has done for me.”

“The Baccarelli Institute was born in 1996 and, with it, my history of love for music. I remained with the orchestra for 17 years and I can assure you that music has provided the greatest and best experiences of my life: professional and academic achievements, unforgettable trips and true friendships that I still have today. In a magical and immeasurable way, music—with its transformative power—permeates everything I was, I am and will be in a manner inextricably linked to the Baccarelli Institute. My life remains linked to the institution in many ways: through my friendships, through my nephew Gustavo, a music education student for 2 years, and for the different opportunities that are offered to me and I continue to take advantage of. The Suzuki method course in February 2016 is one of them and it was extremely important to complete my education as a music teacher—a career that I chose to follow professionally.”

“The Baccarelli Institute has been a place of musical, professional and, above all, human development for me. I had the honor of debuting my composition in the series Noite Musical (a series of concerts at the Baccarelli Institute) among friends and family—which was very meaningful for me, since this piece ended up being published in Italy and was practically generated here at the Institute. Without a doubt the Baccarelli Institute has marked my live in a unique and special way.”

“When I’m at the Baccarelli Institute I forget about all my problems, I forget about the world outside and only think about doing what I love most: music! The opportunities that I have here I certainly would not have had any other place in the world, and not in any other profession. My world would not be the same without my cello.”

“In addition to the excellent opportunity to play in the Heliópolis Symphonic Orchestra, the Baccarelli Institute provides an environment of constant learning with master classes, workshops, periodic lectures and an excellent teaching staff. I am very happy to be able to participate in the day-to-day work of a program like this!”

“The work of the Baccarelli Institute shows us the transformative power of music and makes us believe in a better world. I have the pleasure of being a member of the Heliópolis Youth Orchestra, a symphonic group of exceptional quality and commitment.”

“I began my studies at the Baccarelli Institute 13 years ago, today I’m a percussion teacher and I’m still learning every day. I’ve always taken advantage of all the opportunities I’ve had at the Institute and the Suzuki philosophy course is one of them: although it is not directed specifically at percussion, it helped me to improve my teaching methodology, and break some paradigms. There are different possible associations and I now apply the Suzuki philosophy in my group percussion classes and can see, in the children and myself, tremendous progress every day.”

“My passage through the Baccarelli Institute was very important for my musical and personal growth! It was a special time for me, since, during those years, I grew and developed immensely and constantly in many ways. The word that sums up everything I experienced at Baccarelli is GRATITUDE!

“Studying at the Baccarelli Institute allows us contact with a plurality of experiences in music. Over the years, I’ve improved as an orchestra musician and teacher. Through the Institute, I have participated in master classes, workshops, teaching courses and conferences. One of them was the III Conferência Internacional Multiorquestra, where I discovered the scope and complexity of the orchestral world—much more than just playing an instrument in a large group of musicians. I discovered that there are different fundamental environments in the building of an identity for an orchestra and this work is not limited to music, and also includes education, since this is the means through which we can reach a target audience still in formation. I believe that the orchestra should serve the community, by fostering access to culture and striving to develop social values. Something the Baccarelli Institute has been doing for 20 years, through its excellent work in education and its artistic groups with different formations.”