Azusa Pacific University

The Baccarelli Institute maintains an important partnership with Azusa Pacific University (APU), located right outside of Los Angeles, California. APU is a top Christian College committed to excellence in higher education. Additionally, APU is a leading member of the Council of Colleges and Universities. APU offers students more than 100 bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral programs, which can be achieved either through online courses, or at one of six locations in Southern California. The university’s capacity for innovation prepares students to perform music professionally in concert and recording studios and with excellence. Students also benefit from the school’s close proximity to Los Angeles and find many opportunities to interact directly with the city’s active music culture.

The partnership between the Baccarelli Institute and APU make it possible for many students from Baccarelli to study at the university thanks to scholarships awarded by APU for undergraduate, graduate, and Artist Certificate programs – which has already graduated over 20 Brazilians musicians. The students in these programs receive instruction from some of the world’s most accomplished musicians. In addition, the Young Soloists Baccarelli / Azusa Pacific University Competition promotes an exchange between students from APU and Baccarelli. The winner from each institution is invited to perform as concerto soloist – winners from APU are invited to perform with the Heliopolis Symphony Orchestra, and winners from Baccarelli Institute are invited to perform with Azusa Pacific University Symphony Orchestra.

Global Leaders Program

The Baccarelli Institute has started an important partnership with YOA Orchestra of the Americas, becoming a member of The Global Leaders Program (GLP). The GLP empowers a rising generation of change-makers in music to transform lives and communities through an innovative nine-month professional certificate in Civic Leadership, Teaching Artistry, Cultural Agency, and Social Entrepreneurship. Led in partnership with nine world-class academic institutions, the Program is offered annually to a select Cohort of 35 of the most promising international talents from around the globe.

The agreement between the two institutions provides that employees and teachers of the Baccarelli Institute participates in the program, both in the online course and in the experience of one of the world missions (North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania). Professionals from all over the world will also be encouraged to participate of the experience at the Baccarelli Institute. The GLP missions stimulate the development of leadership skills, open doors to new cultures and support vulnerable communities, as well as expand the Institute’s relationship network with professionals committed to using music as a tool for social transformation.