Education and Citizenship

We do more than just groom musicians, we produce citizens. Much more than just learning an instrument, orchestral or choir practice, the Baccarelli Institute teaches creativity, concentration, respect, sensitivity, self-discipline, collaboration, enabling students to excel in their professional life, regardless of the field they choose. Although only a small percentage of our students actually become professional musicians, the social transformation and the impact of these studies at the Institute on the lives of all of them are significant.

With a continuous program of excellence in education, which includes modern facilities, qualified teachers, group and individual lessons, from music education to specialization in an instrument or singing, in addition to orchestra, choir and chamber group practice, we strive to democratize access to a broad range of arts and culture, in addition to expanding and forming new publics, as well as developing—in our students—a sense of critical awareness. This is the Baccarelli Institute’s major contribution to the community of Heliópolis.

In addition to weekly instrument and voice lessons, students have the opportunity to participate in master classes. Workshops and classes taught by artists like Yo-Yo Ma, Julian Rachlin, Emmanuel Pahud, Joshua Bell, Thomas Dausgaard, Peter Gülke, Frank Shipway, Yutaka Sado, Marin Alsop, musicians from the Bremen Philharmonic, Vienna Philharmonic, Basel Chamber Orchestra (Kammerorchesterbasel), Hamburg Philharmonic, Tonhalle Zürich, Tokyo Quartet, Engegård Quartet, Ebène Quartet, Katarina Andreasson, Antonio Meneses, Kim Bak Dinitzen (Chamber Orchestra of Europe), etc. All students are members of the choir and/or one of the orchestras of the Institute, which perform in the most prestigious concert halls of Brazil. The concerts are put on for educational purposes, with the aim of evaluating the performance of each student, as well as promoting music education for the public.