“The work of the Baccarelli Institute is an example what can be done in this field and an inspiration for all of us. Only someone who has seen it up close will understand how much Brazilian culture is reinvented there, in the most positive and emphatic manner.

“Working with the Heliópolis Symphonic Orchestra and the Baccarelli Institute was an absolute delight. The orchestra plays at a very high level but they also possess a wonderful spirit and desire to perform to their best. The Institute’s mission is both inspiring and life changing”. [Trabalhar com a Orquestra Sinfônica Heliópolis e o Instituto Baccarelli foi um imenso prazer. A Orquestra não só toca em um nível altíssimo, mas também tem um admirável espírito e vontade de realizar o seu melhor. A missão do Instituto é inspiradora e muda a vida das pessoas.]

“Visiting the Baccarelli Institute has been a revelation to me, how musical dedication and warmth let the art and the expression of beauty blossom in the hearts and the minds of youngsters that would otherwise have had a very different life. [Visitar o Instituto Baccarelli foi uma revelação para mim, de como dedicação e calor musical permitem que a arte e a expressão de beleza floresçam nos corações e nas mentes de jovens que, de outra forma, teriam tido uma vida completamente diferente.]”

“Music has the power to educate and change the future of a child. I congratulate the Baccarelli Institute for the incredible work they’ve done. I would like to invite the People’s Choir of the Baccarelli Institute to open a one night presentation that I will give in São Paulo. I hope you will accept.” (2008)

“The Baccarelli Institute has taught us how music can produce the most beautiful harmony. It is music creating life. And life transformed into music.”

“Our orchestra was cited, alongside the São Paulo Symphony Orchestra, for having given the best concert of 2015 according to popular vote. Today, it is a mature group, up to the challenges that we have in front of us.”

“The work done by the Baccarelli Institute is symbolic of a transformation in Brazilian music, which has broadened its perception of what is classical music. In the achievements already attained and the future to come, the understanding of music making as an instrument for citizenship does not only mean offering a professional path for young students who pass through the Institute, but also envisioning a musical life based less on isolation and more alert to dialogue with society. In this sense, seen up close as a reporter and, more recently, as a teacher, the work of the Baccarelli Institute and having contact with its members has been a privilege—and a constant learning process.”

“The musicians of the Baccarelli Institute play well together, they look at each other, they exude energy and excitement. I’ve played with the biggest orchestras in the world and, believe me, this energy is not easy to find.”

“It was really good to learn about the activities of the Baccarelli Institute up close, as a student and as an admirer. The preparation period for the film “The Violin Teacher” showed me how powerful and transformative this work is, in addition to increasing my admiration for the Heliópolis Symphonic Orchestra and the Institute itself. I have the best feelings for and will always support this institution.”

“Through our partnership with the Baccarelli Institute, we support the Heliópolis Symphonic Orchestra and take great pride in this project that serves over 1,300 children and adolescents of the community of Heliópolis, since the institute offers real music culture for the education of our people.”

“I’ve followed the Baccarelli Institute since the beginning and I can say that it is living proof that investing in dreams is worthwhile. With their feet on the ground, great perseverance and determination, the project overcame difficulties to become this valuable institution that we see today. Creating and offering opportunities for social integration and for top level music education for children and young people from one of the most underprivileged regions of our city, Baccarelli honors us and fills us with pride. Its history is one of the most successful cases of a public-private partnership, in which non-governmental entrepreneurship, through direct or incentivized sponsorships, promotes and fosters social development. I congratulate the creators and all those who contribute and continue to contribute to the success of one of the most beautiful social artistic programs in our country. Long live the Baccarelli Institute!”

“The work and the results of the Baccarelli Institute show the importance of the mission of passing on knowledge. The young musicians, the orchestra and the teachers give life meaning.”

“When you work with the Baccarelli Institute you can be sure that everything will be done with engagement, dedication, care, efficiency and, above all, love of music.”

Visiting and learning about the Baccarelli Institute was a revelation and one of the most enriching experiences that I’ve had in a long time. When I conducted the Heliópolis Symphonic Orchestra for the first time, I was as nervous as I was for my very first concert; I was so moved by them that I was barely able to conduct. But it is extremely gratifying to know that these children of the community, with the good care provided by the institute and the teachers, will someday follow the same path that many Jews have traveled in 19th century Europe, when the ghettos opened. Music was one of the passports out of that closed environment and this could also happen in Brazil, in the slums, if it is properly managed, as they do at the Baccarelli Institute. I would like to see something like this happen in my country (India).